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Fri Apr 19 2013 2:26WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1The Brooklyn PsyClones (Anger Worm)Bjornlinger United (George)31k1—1View
Fri Apr 19 2013 1:24WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1The Magical Misery Tour (George)Kings County Ziggurats (thevomitorium )0k1—0View
Fri Apr 19 2013 0:58WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1USA USA USA (WickerNipple)Eureptilia (Alyanumbers)0k1—0View
Tue Apr 16 2013 20:56WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1USA USA USA (WickerNipple)The Scumbags on Tour (Shonkhor)21k1—1View
Sat Apr 13 2013 22:08WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 2The Bloody Mary's (Guy In Suit)Weedy Faukers (Fool)20k0—2View
Fri Apr 12 2013 10:05WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1BrooklynBummblers (pixelsponge)Parvi Romani (Arash)0k1—2View
Fri Apr 12 2013 1:48WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1The Wills of Chaos (Anger Worm)The Crypt Keepers (Brother Suspectus)0k2—0View
Thu Apr 11 2013 21:21WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 7The Scumbags on Tour (Shonkhor)The Magical Misery Tour (George)29k0—3View
Thu Apr 11 2013 17:33WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 7The Scumbags on Tour (Shonkhor)The Wills of Chaos (Anger Worm)25k3—0View
Thu Apr 11 2013 15:01WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 6The Scumbags on Tour (Shonkhor)Are We Not Men? (Arash)27k3—2View
Wed Apr 10 2013 22:02WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1The Bloody Mary's (Guy In Suit)Parvi Romani (Arash)0k0—2View
Wed Apr 10 2013 20:08WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1Weedy Faukers (Fool)The Scumbags on Tour (Shonkhor)24k2—0View
Mon Apr 8 2013 21:34WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1USA USA USA (WickerNipple)Weedy Faukers (Fool)0k2—1View
Sun Apr 7 2013 22:54WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1BrooklynBummblers (pixelsponge)USA USA USA (WickerNipple)0k0—2View
Sun Apr 7 2013 19:44WarmongersRegular Season 2013Round 1Weedy Faukers (Fool)BBRrrrrraaAAAIIIiinnnnzzzzzzz (Guy In Suit)20k2—2View

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